Interview with Pornstar Jasmine St. Claire
Star of the Film "World's Biggest Gang Bang II"

[Esta entrevista, em PORTUGUÊS]

Excerpts from the interview with Porn Actress Jasmine St. Claire during her visit to São Paulo:

“People in the porn industry are stupid and uneducated, and have nothing to do with me. They are narrow-minded and limited. I study, travel, speak several languages and get along with everyone. I have culture.”

“Quality is better than quantity”

“I lost my virginity when I was eighteen years old and it was great. It was with my boyfriend and I was floating in the clouds. I have never been promiscuous or sexually aggressive before.

“Brad Pitt looks gay.”

“I don't give out advice to other actresses, different people like different things. I've learned a lot in the last few years.

“My favorite kind of man is Max Cavalera from Sepultura. I don't know what he is doing with that woman (Gloria). She doesn't understand his career and is jeaulous. I would marry him and live in São Paulo, but I like all types of men. I loved Brazil, I would like to live here with Max, I am in love with him. I've been to several Sepultura concerts.

“I am not lonely. I have several friends outside work who accept me for what I am.

“I have orgasms with double penetration, vaginal and anal sex, and even while I give oral sex to others. The more I satisfy men, the more I get excited. Sex is an exchange.

“What excites men the most is when I play with their balls and anus. Also coming on my face. I love it, I love swallowing, it is great for your hair. I have always enjoyed it. Whoever thinks it is disgusting should open their mind, and realize that that is why men betray their women, because they don't give them what they want.


I started doing nude pictorials in magazines, then I did softcore videos for Playboy, and moved on to dancing in strip bars. To promote dancing tours, you must work in porn films. ”

I enjoyed doing the film, most of the time, but after the first hundred or so, I felt some pain, I was tired, and didn't want to be there. But it was fun. During the film I kicked out a guy who had an implant on his penis, and another who fingered me, something that wasn't allowed. I also kicked off the set a guy who had a finger up his nose at the same time he was masturbating. ”

“My favorite position is doggystyle.”
“The best things about my job are the anal scenes, and facials, when actors come on my face.
“The things I refuse to do are lesbian scenes and vibrators.”





“Penis size makes no difference, anything above six inches is great.

“Porn films were the last thing I thought I would do when I was young. I went to college, I have a business degree, speak three different languages, and I amd getting my masters degree at UCLA. Always wanted to be a teacher, and two years from now when I finish my porn career I would like to become a teacher.

“I got my breast implants when I was 19 years old, I also changed my hair color, got a nose job, but the rest is all natural. If you want to make money in this business, there is no other choice. If you don't have huge breasts, you only get two or three hundred dollars per scene.

“The usual payment for my films is a two scene package plus the box cover. Usually it's six thousand dollars for two days of work. The usual payment is less than that, but increases for hardcore scenes, like anal and double penetration. In The World's Greatest Gang Bang the payment reached five digits.

“The worst thing about my job are the idiots I have to work with. The men in the porn industry are fools. Now, in most of my movies, the first scene is with a professional, and the second is with 5 or 6 selected fans. I prefer to have sex with my fans than with Tom Byron or another idiot. Their egos are huge, half of them have never been to school, and they make 300 dollars a day to have sex. For me, men in the sex industry are meat puppets. I love to have sex scenes with my fans, because they don't have huge egos and no atitude. We have a lot of fun! I want to return to Brazil and do a film with twenty brazilians.

“My tip for the readers here at LOST ART is that they lose their inhibitions and experiment.

“How far can we go with sex on video? I've had scenes where I am having sex in the mud. Nipple and genital piercings? I don't know, everything has already been done before.

“During my movie, there were three fluffers (less talented actresses paid to arouse participants off-camera), who prepared the participants on the movie set.

“I don't consider pornography art, I consider it erotic cinema, and I consider myself an erotic actress.
“Most of the guys in the film were so ugly, I found myself asking, what am I doing here?”
“There is a lot of jeaulousy in the porn business and I feel it a lot more after the world gang bang record.

“Director couch tests exist in the porn industry, but I've never submitted to any. I have always been professional and let my manager handle my contracts. I had to have sex with 300 guys to get to the top, but I didn't have sex with the director. It is bad business of a director to have sex with a porn star, because then she controls him.

“It makes no sense for anyone to try to beat my record, although I am sure someone will, but it is pointless. I've done it, and now I work to become an even greater star. Eventually, people won't even remember that I did the gang-bang. Do you know what was Michelle Pfeiffer's first movie? Do you know what I mean? Women participate in x-rated films because: a. They can't do anything else. , b.They are addicts and want to support their habit., c. They were sexually abused by their parents. My ambition is to make a quarter of a million dollars in three years. I am getting there.

The 300 participants in the gangbang were porn fans and volunteers, and all of them had AIDS tests and used condoms."

I was in pain when I got home, but I had sex with my boyfriend on the same night the movie was shot. The next day I was still sore, but I had a radio interview and everything went just fine.”

I don't like the women in the porn industry, I go to college, they hate me, they are jeaulous, they are my enemies. I don't watch other porn films, except my own, for self-criticism. I have a profittable stripping career, and I make more money than famous old stars like Amber Lynn and Ashlyn Gere. I have twenty different rehearsed numbers, with characters, custom audio soundtrack, I do a great Esmeralda character, from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as several other characterizations. I do Cleopatra and many others... Dancing is very different from making movies, where there are always a half dozen people touching me, while I am dancing nobody can touch me and I am in control. I have bouncers and everything works out just fine.”

"I am not a good dramatic actress, I am improving and now I have scripts with over fifty pages, but I don't believe anyone who watches porn films is too concerned about good acting, only sex.”

“I was scared during my first group sex scene."

“I only work with director John T. Bone, who filmed my first anal scene. I screamed a lot, they thought I was enjoying it but I was in a lot of pain. At first I hated John, now we are have a father and daughter-type relationship."

“I've dated Marky Mark, he was in Boogey Nights , a film about the adult industry, and it has nothing to do with reality. Other boyfriends have been Corey Feldman, Lemmy from Motorhead, and the bass player in Scorpions. I don't like rock stars because they don't value their women. My personal boyfriends usually don't last very long, but then I go to the beach, and five minutes later: new boyfriend!

favorite hobby : rollerblading

“I would love to have sex with my brazilian fans, at least twenty at a time. Tell them to contact the my distributor in Brazil, Sexxy Video. Don't you wish to participate? You have to be filmed as well, that is my only demand. Sex without cameras is only on my own time, and is absolutely private and personal. May porn stars prostitute themselves and during strip tours I always get indecent proposals, but I prefer to stay in my hotel room watching tv and eating pizza.



“I worked with Annabelle Chong in a movie before, when she held the previous world record. I was unable to speak to her about gangbangs because she was completely drunk most of the time. Once she was in my car and she began masturbating and I told her to stop. We were in my convertible Mazda Miata. She has a drug problem, but seems to be a nice person.

“My onscreen orgasms are for real, I don't fake them. In my personal life it is all different, I don't kiss anyone in the mouth in my movies and don't let them fondle my breasts. I also don't have multiple partners in my personal life.

“After the film men became intimidated and are afraid to approach me. People must open their minds, we are living in different times.



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