oops. Wait. Sorry. This page isn't being updated any longer. Too much travel, not enough time...


Been traveling a lot, and even though i travel with my laptop, during the last few trips i've only used it for work. No time at all for updates, but we haven't given up on this site. Tons of updates on the way, nothing finished. As John from Kamichaos would most certainly say, "c'est la fuckin' vie"...



The last couple of days have been insane. If three out of four people say you look tired, something must be wrong. I guess i AM better off sleeping. Still, its worth checking out: Mural Global, and the SP Fashion Week (2001) photos.


Eating at a restaurant with our friends Thesis, Sonik, and Keramik, and in the middle of a bite something goes CRUNCH! It was a piece of glass! The manager apologised profusively, but I couldn't help remembering the section at the Mutter Museum where there is a collection of recovered objects that were swallowed. Scary. But not as much as what these guys do.



Wait. This page isn't dead. It was just sleeping. There are actually some updates in english here. Kassia's suspension has captions in english AND portuguese, something we'd like to make a regular feature of this site. We just don't have the time to make two different versions of the same pages... Salon Art is just photos, so no need for any translation, and is worth checking out. That's it for now, but there will be more...soon.



Tons of things going on, multi-tasking mode in full effect. Short term, long term, stuff far behind schedule. Can't complain, it's cool to be busy. Personal work is just as important, or more, than commercial work. Despite the inevitable entropy, i've got an optimistic outlook. Life just isn't worth living if you aren't psyched. Right now I'm thankful for my health, for the freedom to do as I please, and not being bound to anything. Financial obligations (and taxes) aside, I've made a choice that keeps things fresh. Dealing with different people, pressure, and results makes one have to adapt all the time. Something else that is quite special are the technical advances which make it possible for everyone to have their soapbox, of sorts, and be able to express themselves however they wish, without foreign intervention or censorship. It's five fifty three am and i think i'm better off sleeping.


What is the deal?


On a lamp post somewhere in SP: Che is dead. Make your own revolution.


11.28.01 Ruski link

One of the joys of having a website is meeting new people. This morning we received a really nice message from Olga, writing from Moscow, who has a really cool website herself. I've never been to Moscow, but I spent a few days in St. Petersburg covering the Goodwill Games and absolutely loved the city. Incredible people and architecture. I stayed at the Astoria and everything would have been perfect if it wasn't for the company. The editor I traveled with was a real challenge. In the morning he'd grope around in the dark for his cigarettes, and smoke at least two or three in bed before getting up. I could live with that, if the windows in the room would actually open. He also was pretentious as hell, viewing himself as a modern Bukowski but not going any further than the alcohol equivalent. Still, its part of the job, and one doesn't always get to travel with cool people. The best times spent in Russia were those walking around solo, getting completely lost, or at least very disoriented, and just taking pictures in the street. That is probably one of my favorite things, arriving at a new city, just walking all day meeting people and exploring.


Our friend Maká sends a scene from work. Digi-pano by Dani. Today he asked a client for a logo. He requested that it be sent in EPS format. The guy sends in a jpeg file instead. He calls again, repeating his request. He gets the same jpeg file, RENAMED as an EPS.

He gave up. When he isn't dealing with these geniuses, he likes to film and edit. His cut of our friend André's shaky video can be seen here: Suspended Wedding. (5mb quicktime)

This is the real Lost Art. This is fun. links by Metafilter.

War is good business for some people. Chief at Real World Rescue offers security courses-it's a dangerous time to be a journalist.

The poor get the scraps.



This page exists for a few reasons: First, because over 60% of the visitors to this site are from outside Brazil. Secondly because it's a good place to say things I probably wouldn't say elsewhere.

The people who have previously expressed ill feelings about our comments on this page are either too lazy to read this, or can't speak english.

Not like i could really care, but we have learned a few things in the past, and one of them is that (as it says on this postcard we shot), the truth hurts.

A friend of ours, Soninha, has learned this lesson the hard way this week. She gave an interview to a weekly magazine here about smoking grass, and openly admitted enjoying a hit off a joint once in a while. The editors in the magazine made a big deal out of it, putting her on the cover and on billboards all over the place, with the words, "I smoke dope." She was fired from her job at a public tv station, and is now facing possible charges. It was a naive gesture on her part, meant to increase public discussion about marijuana, and ended up costing her job and probably permanently branding her as a pothead in the media. This is a much more humanistic approach.

It's a real shame. Soninha is a socially conscious person, a practising budhist, and absolutely harmless to society. It's just yet another contradiction in the laws here, where media hungry prosecutors try to get on the spotlight by going after easy prey. Meanwhile, major corruption on every government level continues and nothing is done.

The media itself is partly to blame, too concerned with selling entertainment based on tv ratings instead of informing and provoking change.

We've had our share of problems in the past by speaking the truth. A few editors, permanently surrounded by subservient lemmings, are completely unprepared to deal with an honest opinion. Ideas we once thought generous to share in a constructive manner were met with disgust and instant blacklisting. The message was clear: keep it to yourself. Employees dependent on their monthly salaries aren't willing to rock the boat. As independent free-lancers, we all too often shared critical views of publications. It was tragic, but also funny, to be banned from a place only to see the exact changes we suggested put into effect. Honest criticism can sure be a quick shortcut for making new enemies.

To survive unscathed it seems the best tactics are only to praise what you find worthy, and to completely ignore the rest. Kinda lame solution for perfectionists, but a comfortable one for those stuck in inertial mode.

It's 4:35 am and i guess i am better off sleeping now.



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